About Us

COTESA is a company founded in 1996 in the state of Santa Catarina (Southern Brazil) whose goal is to become a strategic partner of the energy sector. Its specialized services of operation and maintenance (O&M) of electric apparatus of power generation, transmission and distribution are available throughout Brazilian territory. COTESA has expertise in several different areas related to high-voltage equipment connected to the power distribution systems, such as transmission lines and substations of up to 600kV, besides Small Hydroelectric Plants (SHPs), Hydroelectric Plants (HPs), Photovoltaic Power Stations (PPSs), Wind Farms (WFs) and Electric Systems of Medium and High Voltage at Energy-Intensive Industrial Plants. COTESA was the first Brazilian private company to perform “live-line maintenance”, a procedure of high complexity and safety performed in Energized Systems.

COTESA operates and maintains 1.500MW in electric apparatus. They integrate over 3,000 km of Transmission Lines and 52 substations connected to the power distribution system. Overall, COTESA operates over 150 ventures in the Energy Sector in the different regions of the country.

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Areas of Activity


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